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Disinfecting and fogging service.
At Viroserve we use a three-step disinfecting process.

First we spray a cleaning solution and allow a five minute dwell time to kill contaminants. We pinpoint areas like: door knobs, light switches, chair arms, cabinet door handles, appliance handles, microwave and copy machine touch pads, open table tops, control knobs and more.
Next: we return to those areas and wipe them down to remove residuals.
The final step is to mist the entire area with Hypochlorous acid, (don’t be alarmed by its name). (HOCl) kills viruses in less than a minute and unlike some disinfectants it is non toxic to humans. (HOCl) is classified as Non-Hazardous by the Environmental Protection Agency.
There is no better disinfectant than (HOCl). So why doesn’t everybody use it? It has a short shelf lifeā€¦ we mix ours fresh and test it regularly to insure it is stabile.
(HOCl) is FDA approved for eye and dental use, it is also used for a sanitizing rinse for fruits and vegetables.