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Find a handyman, a contractor, a plumber, an electrician.

Get help: moving, cutting grass, stacking fire wood, clean the basement, rake leaves or whatever you need.

“find a choreweasel” 

We need a Choreweasel to sign up for your zip code.
so while you’re thinking of who you can recommend,
feel free to watch these chickens peck around.
If you haven’t thought of anybody by the end of this awesome video
replay it and think some more.
Let me help you with some ideas.
That kid down the street that cuts grass,
Your brother in law who might be looking for odd jobs.
Just think, if you were the one who recommended them.
They might owe you a big hug when they start getting odd jobs,
they might even have some extra money to buy you a chicken dinner.
BUT HEY! if nobody signs up you can always stop back and see the chickens.